Recent #Daily Foodie Segments from CHEX Television

Tune in Fridays for my weekly #DailyFoodie segments on CHEX Television’s Daily Show.  And be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Tonight, I’ll be talking about the history and tradition of plum pudding — featuring pudding from Black Honey Bakery.

Previous episodes:

Are they art? or are they chocolate?  Incredible treats from Naked Chocolate.

We sample the Ploughman’s Lunch from Electric City Bread Company. Made up of house-cured meats, Ontario cheeses, and great condiments made on site.

Beerpig!  Primal Cut’s Square Black Pork.  Heritage pork raised on spent beer mash from Pubican House Brewery.

Hot Sauce Contest

Announced on Twitter, my personal Facebook page, and here on

Any new Peterborough Farm to Table Culinary Tours Facebook “likes” between now and Friday at 5pm will be put into a draw to win one of 3 Farm to Table hot sauces: Habanero Death, Chipotle Hurt, or Cayenne Maim. 3 prizes in all.

These aren’t fancypants bottles of sauce, but rather home canned and made from peppers and other ingredients grown in the Farm to Table gardens.

Trust me when I say that they are much sought after culinary fireballs. Hand-crafted, they range from pretty darned hot to “wow, where did my eyebrows go.”

Sorry existing “likes,” but look for a contest for you early in the new year (including a chance to win tickets for the weekly summer culinary tours).

Want a tease? Here is the Chipotle Hurt, featured on Punk Domestics.

#DailyFoodie: Our New Weekly Segment on CHEX TV ~ Also: Beerpig! The Sequel

Tired of the same old internet rigamarole? Looking to get more Farm to Table Peterborough in your life? Trying to find a fun culinary segment to entertain you when Beer O’Clock calls on a Friday?

Well look no more, people!

Feast your eyes here! At the wonder of television!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… I give you the #DailyFoodie! My brand new weekly Farm to Table segment on CHEX TV’s Daily Show.

(OK, so I know the the segment is called the #DailyFoodie and actually only airs weekly. Work with me here.)

Each Friday, I’ll be joining Daily Show co-hosts Mike Judson and Michelle Ferreri and showcasing local restaurants, small independent food stores, markets, farms, and producers. It’ll be a weekly taste of local, seasonal, and artisan-based fun.

Tune in, turn on, and drool out.

(Or don’t. I mean, well, it would be nice if you did… But if you have other plans… And it’s convenient for you…)

So now, without further ado…

(I think that was more than enough ado)

The #DailyFoodie